why the story?

Another blog out there on the internet? What makes this story different? Why start the conversation? Those are questions that I’ve grappled with but the requests to share my aviation stories have been consistent and here we are – giving it a try.

I achieved my private pilot license (PPL) in March of 2018. It was an incredible journey. Along the way there were days of joy, days of frustration, days of edification. Every step in the journey seemed to be a story with a moral of some sort. Along the way I also learned that only 7% of all pilots are women. I’ve met many women who are interested in and even started flight training but for one reason or another she stopped short. I feel fortunate to have been able to achieve my PPL and I think it’s important for women to see other women in the pilot’s seat. And so here we are – sharing this incredible journey on the internet. Hopefully there will be some inspiration, humor, learnings, and good stories along the way.

view from the west side of Madison, WI at 3,000 MSL
view from the west side of Madison, WI at 3,000 MSL

Next you’re probably wondering “why missadventures”? Well I seem to have the oddest luck. A lot of my journey includes stories that start with “you’re not going to believe what happened”. I haven’t been able to figure out if that’s normal in aviation or not. But I guess we’ll find out.

Here’s to many great stories and a lot of learning along the way.

Blue skies & tailwinds.

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